Rademas Radio is several shows brought to you by radio host Juan Carlos Rademas (JC). Here you can hear old shows like Inside the wire: Live from Afghanistan to his newer shows Supreme Clientele, Deconstruction and The Dope Spot with JC Rademas. So have a listen and please enjoy. Rademas radio is NOTHING like you've ever heard before.







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The Dope Spot with JC Rademas feat. Leon Scott

In this episode the guys talk about what is the worst thing they've said to get a women's affecton....Leon tells a fastasic story and Dj Cebrebal gives what could be a the best inforamtion of a man's life. Ladies this is also for you....

The Dope Spot....Live is dope...do dope things.

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Inside the Wire: Live from Afghanistan with JC Rademas

In this episode JC surprises Conner with a surprise Bday Bash. Frank White, Coco and Black Mamba also joins in on the party.

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The Dope Spot with JC Rademas

The Miseducation of Lauren Hill

August of 1998 Lauren Hill released The Miseducatoin of Lauren Hill. A classic album that no one saw coming, literally. With no promotion Lauren saw her album sell over 422,000 copies in it's first week. JC and Leon sit down with Singer/MC Tia Abner and DJ RBI from Delegation music group to discuss this classic album. JC also talks about what celebrity he wished he looked like.

Bonus feature: At the end of the show Conner/MumsFP from the Inside the Wire podcast, debut's his new single "Thick". from his new album Free Refills 2 the mixtape.


@JCRademas @listentoleon @MUMSFP MUMSFP.COM

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The Dope Spot with JC Rademas: Illmatic

In this episode we breakdown Nas's classic premier album illmatic. Djs 2Tone and Jimmy fingahs sit down and speak about their favorite rapper. Illmatic was one of the albums that ushered in a new type of Hip Hop. Some feel Illmatic is the best example of REAL Hip Hop. Listen and laugh as JC, Leon, Dj 2Tone and Jimmy Phingahz rock to Nas's illmatic...It aint hard to tell.

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Inside the Wire: Live from Afghanistan with JC Rademas

Operation: Genesis

    In this the first episode of a history making show. A podcast that has never been down before, a show that will tell the another side of the war on terror. From a comedic view of life in Afghanistan. Host JC Rademas and engineer/producer Conner interview military and civilians alike finding out where the guest are from and how they got to Afghanistan. We find out what they did before they got to Afghanistan and what they are expecting here. Afghanistan is the host nation of many people from all kinds of backgrounds, as this ground breaking series continues, you will meet our men and women of the U.S. military, governement civilian and contractor as well as third country naitonals on life here. Inside the Wire:Live in Afghanistan.

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The Dope with JC Rademas: The Fugees

In this episode of The Dope Spot we sit down with Dj Jimmy Phingaz again as we breakdown Rolling Stone magazine's 477th album for all music lovers must have. This album shot Rapper/Producer Wyclef Jean, his cousin Pras and family friend Lauren Hill to super stardom. But it was the beginning of the end for the trio. So have a listen as we take a trip...to Fugee-la.


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The Dope Spot with JC Rademas: Reasoable doubt. JC Rademas, Leon Scott and Reggie Jones. There are not to many albums that people will fight about, but plaese believe me this is one of them. J changed how Hip Hop was done, up intil this point. First you had Rapper's Delight "then Rakim, then Public Enemy followed by a group named Wu-Tang. Jay-Z is the first solo artist to do what he did EVER!!!!


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In this installment we sit down with the one and only South side Jamaica Queens own Dj Cerebral. We sit down and break down It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" Rolling Stone Magazine's highest ranked Hip Hop album in their 500 greatest albums of all time. If you love P.E. this show's for you. If you love Hip Hop and want some real factoids about Hip Hop...this shows for you. Dj Cerebral is a Hip Hop Wikipedia of knowledge and we are going to log in...and download the most militant Hip Hop Band ever...Public Enemey #1.


P.S. JC also compares Leon to a R&B legend...but he's not impressed

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The Dope Spot with JC Rademas


Aquemini one of the most prolific albums in Hip Hop. The sounds of OutKast had never been heard before, this album is the the George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic version of Hip Hop, combining raw mc-ing outer space-inspired compositions. JC () and Leon (@ListenToLeon) sit down with Singer, Song writter, Musician and music enthusiast Reggie Jones (@zweirj) to discuss the album that introduced Hip Hop to another type of creativity. It's you and I....Aquemini!

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The Dope Spot: The Chronic

We sit down with our friend Dj Jimmy Phingaz about the classic album dedicated to smoking weed. In a tribute to the first Hip Hop billionaire, we sit down with Jimmy about the one of the first Classic Hip Hop albums. This is a album that if you don't have in your collection you don't know Hip Hop. Like we always do about this time!  

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